I am Raj Kathuria, your candidate for County Council from District 1.

Our public schools are some of the best in the country.

But, we have more challenges ahead of us. More of our education dollars need to go directly into the classroom and not to the administrators.

We need more teachers with smaller class sizes, so students can get the individual attention they deserve. In addition, we need to build more schools while replacing temporary classrooms with permanent classrooms.

I was the first one to call upon our County Executive Allan Kittleman to consider a plan for High School 14.

As your Councilman, I will work with Howard County School System to identify Land and prioritize funding for High School 14.

We should live, work, play and educate in Howard County.

People before Politics is how I will serve you!

Ellicott City

Ellicott City must rebuild!

We are truly fortunate to have a very involved and informed community in Howard County.

It was good to see a strong bi-partisan Ellicott City Watershed Master Plan proposed by County Executive Allan Kittleman and County Councilman Jon Weinstein.

Most of the Business owners and residents that I have had a chance to speak, support the plan to mitigate the stormwater runoff upstream and opening the channels downstream to let the water run freely without the extreme devastating flow.

We all would most certainly like to maintain our heritage, but most of the buildings that are being proposed to be moved or demolished as part of the plan are old and dilapidated and will most likely not survive another flood. There is never a perfect plan, but we cannot sit aside and continue to kick the can down the road in search of the perfect plan.

I believe the bi-partisan plan is a very timely, cost-effective and a practical plan that will ensure the safety of Main street residents and businesses.

It is very unfortunate that few in the community continue to oppose the plan without providing credible alternate solutions.

People before Politics is how I will serve you!


I am Raj Kathuria, your candidate for County Council District 1.

So many people want to move to Howard County, and I’m proud of that!

But, we can’t let our county roads and infrastructure left behind while we are building houses upon houses.

We need a real plan for sustainable and responsible development that protects our residents, homeowners, school system, and beautiful open areas.

Howard County needs a leader who can fight for better road systems, schools, better equipped first responders and other public facilities prior to new developments are approved.

People before Politics is how I will serve you!